Corner of My Soul


Colt de suflet


Am facut tot ce-am stiut sa fac
Numai sa te uit
Azi nici piesa noastra
Today I don't even hear our song anymore

Cafeneaua-n care ne-ntalneam
Acum o ocolesc
Mi-aminteste de intaiul "te iubesc!"

Am sters si pozele cu noi
Nu vreau sa dau timpu-napoi
Am renuntat la tot ce aveam
Si-mi amintea de tine

Am sters si pozele cu noi
Am renuntat la tot ce-mi amintea de tine

Insa ce nu pot uita
Este amintirea ta
O pastreaza inima
Intr-un colt de suflet

Si oricat as incerca
Nu te voi putea uita
Te pastreaza inima
intr-un colt de suflet

Si ar mai fi ceva
Ce nu voi putea uita
Sufletul nu ma lasa
Azi era ziua noastra

Am facut tot ce-am stiut sa fac
Dar nu stiam ca-mi va fi dor
Atat de mult

Spun mereu ca nu mai simt nimic
Cand ma-ntreaba cineva
Dar daca nu mai simt nimic
De ce imi mai sta gandul la ea?

Cand e liniste
Aud vocea ta
Cand sunt singura
Simt atingerea ta
Cand inchid ochii mei
Vad ochii tai
Nu mai pot rezista

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Corner of My Soul

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I've done all I could think to do
Just to forget
Nu o mai ascult

The cafe in which we met
Now I avoid it
It reminds me of the first "I love you!"

I've evn wept over the pictures of us
I don't wanna turn back time
I've renounced all that we had
& it reminded me fo you

Nu vreau sa dau timpu-napoi
I've renounced everything that reminded me of you

But what I can't forget
Is the memory of you
My heart keeps it
In a corner of my soul

& however much I'd try
I won't be able to forget
My heart keeps you
In a corner of my soul

& it would still be something
That I won't be able to forget
My soul doesn't let me
Today was our day

Numai sa te uit
But I didn't know that I was going to miss it
So very much

I always say that I no longer feel anything
When someone asks me
But if I no longer feel anything
Why does the thought of it remain?

When it's quiet
I hear your voice
When I'm alone
I feel your touch
When I close my eyes
I see your eyes
I can't resist anymore

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