Love through MSN (Dashnia në messenger)


Dashnia në messenger

? more frajer, te kam njoftu ne messenger
Tuj mendu se te kam per qefin
O cka bani interneti
O moj ti ku ke qillu
ti kameren ma ke leshu
kur ta kam par fotografin
shpejt kam rran ne dashuri
mu njoftu ne messenger
nuk esht hajr vecem sher
shum plot sherin ja kan pa
burr e gru kan ran n'bela
mos e ba kijamet aman
shtat qind vjet ??
interneti esht ne trend
per dashni e per cdo send
shum djalin e kam mashtru
sje vec ti qe jemi shkru
po na shkon mir muhabeti
u kall shpia u ba kijameti
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Love through MSN

oh boyfriend (guy friend), i met you through messenger
i think about you 'cuz you seem like fun
oh what has this internet done
oh where have i found you
you put your webcam on
when you showed me a picture of yourself
i quickly fell in love
he met me in messenger
it's (no longer) happiness only arguments
they fight very often
(like) husband and wife they are in (a dilemma) troubled
don't act like it's the end of the world
seven hundred years
the internet's popular (trendy)
for love and for everything
i have cheated on this guy
you're not the only one i have written to (through messenger)
but our conversation is good
the house is burning up (this means partying it up) the end of the world has come
Publié par Balkaneuro le Mar, 02/12/2008 - 15:23