I'm not leaving [ De Fevgo (Δε φεύγω) ]

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I'm not leaving

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I'm not leaving (I wil not go)
I will stay at your door all night
I wil stay at the stairs all night
I will embrace the stars
and softly say your name
I'm not leaving
Although you want me to go
let the winter and the rain come
at night the soul will freeze
in the morning the sun will shine again
I will stay forgood if you ask
I ill be here forgood if you look at me
forever the body will be here
here's life
I won't go if we don't go together
I'm not leaving
I will be at your door all night
I will stay if I hear you talking
if I know you are laughing with friends
but where you go there I will be
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De Fevgo (Δε φεύγω)

Δε φεύγω
θα μείνω όλη νύχτα στην πόρτα σου
θα μείνω όλη νύχτα στα σκαλιά
Τ' αστέρια θα πάρω αγκαλιά
θα λέω το όνομά σου σιγά
Δε φεύγω
όσο και αν θες δε φεύγω


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