Guess? (Hads bezan)

traduction en anglais


guess how many songs
I made for your love
guess how amorously
I falled in love with your words
have you ever seen
a crazy (man) like me?
have you ever heard from anyone
that his heart and words be same
that his heart and words be same
I'll stay here because of you
I know your worth
you are unique (in all of the world)
you are the best flower in the greenhouse
I'll stay here because of you
I khow your worth
you are my only reason
you are my home's heat
how many nights with your memory
I pasted from that alley
I was searching for a sign of our pure love
how many birds
know my pain of love
you have no idea how much it's beautiful
when they sing your name
as a sweet sleep
you pick(take) my sorrow
you are like a new soul
which inspired into my body
Publié par Vanda le Jeu, 11/12/2008 - 15:38

Hads bezan

hads bezan chand ta taraneh
vaseye eshghe to sakhtam
hads bezan che asheghane
del be harfaye to bakhtam