DO IT IF YOU LOVE ME [ Kan' To An M' Agapas (Κάν' Το Αν Μ' Αγαπάς) ]

traduction en anglais


Αt least one time
You coyld speak to me one time honestly
without your wild egoism that wins
and who brings us now in this grade
in this grade
Do it if you love me
abandon everything and come and see me
I wait you here at the edge of life
I'm in pain and I get jealous
I still adore you
Do it if you love me
Forget for a little while your anger one time
close your eyes and listen only your heart
Give to happiness
one more chance
At least one time
To all those mistakes of mine you could put fire
to cancel from inside your soul the old stuff
and I would become again
the great love
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Kan' To An M' Agapas (Κάν' Το Αν Μ' Αγαπάς)

Έστω μια φορά
να μου μιλούσες μια φορά ειλικρινά
χωρίς τον άγριο εγωισμό σου που νικά
και που μας φέρνει τώρα
σ΄ αυτήν την κατηφόρα
Κάντο αν μ΄ αγαπάς
παράτησέ τα όλα κι έλα να με βρεις