MAD MOON (Luna brava)

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Did the moon come out, did it?
To learn the song
That the people in the south sing
In a humble bar
The town folk
Lift up their voices to the heavens
And a flamenco angel
Partakes in the outcry
Mad moon of new clay,
concrete and lime
That roams about the windows
At nightfall
Among folded sheets hangs its solitude
And does the slum's joy rub off on it?
Did the moon come out, did it?
Old flashlight
[Belonging to] those who searched for a home
And lost their way in some landscape
Of cardboard and tin
The rumor of the waves
And the aroma of hot pine
Have they made it lose all of its serenity?
Did the moon come out, did it?
It hides from the sun
Sentimental satellite
It conceals within the broom
It lets the day pass
Captivated in the distance
It quotes itself when it hears its song
And it hopes to hear the sound of guitars, palms and bongo drums
Did the moon come out, did it?
Mad moon, moon, moon, moon
It makes undeniable
Its immense value
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Luna brava

Salio la luna, salio
Para aprender la cancion
Que canta gente del sur
En un bar del callejon
La gente del barrio
Eleva al cielo su voz
Y un angel flamenco
Se suma al clamor


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