Mama I love you (Mama Ana Ahabak)

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Mama I love you

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Mama, tell me what you mean?
Tell me why it is so dark here?
Mama, tell me why you are crying?
I don't know why you are sad
Are these up there falling stars?
What was that flying by there?
Why am I so cold so much?
Why does your heart beat so fast?
Why does it get so bright over there?
And where does this thunder come from?
Mama ana ahabak - Mama I love you
Mama ana ahabak - Do come and give me shelter
Mama, where shall we go?
I want to go home, it's already late
Mama, why kneel down?
What are you saying there, isn't that a prayer?
Don't pull so strong at my hand
Why do you press me against the wall?
And why are all the lights extinguished?
I can't see hardly anything
Tell me why do we have to stand here?
And why don't we go home?
Mama ana ahabak - I don't see any stars
Mama ana ahabak - I only see your face
Can you tell me where we are?
Where do all these people run?
Tell me do we have a long way before us?
Why don't you say anything anymore?
Why are your eyes empty?
Tell me is it my fault, I'm sorry
Mama ana ahabak - Mama I love you
Mama ana ahabak - Do come and protect me
Mama ana ahabak - Because when the night falls
Mama ana ahabak - I don't see any stars
I only see your face
Please don't leave me
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Mama Ana Ahabak

Mama, sag mir, was du meinst
Sag mir, warum es hier so dunkel ist
Mama, sag, warum du weinst
Ich weiß nicht, warum du traurig bist
Sind das Sternschnuppen da oben?
Was ist dort vorbeigeflogen?
Warum friere ich so sehr?


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