Ой, Печаль-Тоска [ Oi, pechal'-toska (Ой, печаль-тоска) ]

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Ой, Печаль-Тоска

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oh woe, oh grief
I am married to you (she says she's married to woe and grief)
i m married to bitter fate too
love doesn't let me find peace
pain is deep, you can't reach bottom of it
my love has a young wife
where dew is, a tear laid there
blond braid (hair) fell on earth
towel that mother gave me was falling
it seems that fate won't let me be a wife
standing on a hill, i ask you:
carry me away, muddy river
again breast is squeezed with big force
Stribog* starts singing depressing song *a pagan deity
heart has faltered, wounded with pain
frail body dissapeared in water
on that rivers bottom i can't bear
tribal soul that lives in me
oh woe, oh grief
I am married to you
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Oi, pechal'-toska (Ой, печаль-тоска)

Ой, печаль-тоска, ой, кручинушка,
Как с тобою я, да обвенчана.
Да обвенчана с горькою судьбой.
Не дает любовь обрести покой.
Боль глубокая – не достать до дна
У любви моей молода жена
Где стоит роса, там легла слеза


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