Everything [ Ola (Όλα) ]

traduction en anglais


Him I did not imagine, in the sleep I was touched
and that it becomes again
that those who dreamed, and said false
he is front me genuinely
You are all, all, all that I wanted
you are all, all, all that I want
our life the medals and the bowls
we will measure my love in end ] 2x
Him I did not wait for, that I would come out
from the bottom in the sky
and that aparnjo'moyna, that I was afraid
he becomes a'stro luminous
Publié par Remo0o le Ven, 20/02/2009 - 20:29

Ola (Όλα)

Δεν το φαντάστηκα, στον ύπνο πιάστηκα
και να που γίνεται ξανά
που όσα ονειρεύτηκα, κι έλεγα ψεύτικα
είναι μπροστά μου αληθινά
Είσαι όλα, όλα, όλα όσα ήθελα
είσαι όλα, όλα, όλα όσα θέλω
της ζωής μας τα μετάλλια και τα κύπελλα