I still love you [ S' Agapao Akoma (Σ' Αγαπάω Ακόμα) ]

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I still love you

I came back again
For another cigarette
I won't explain to you
I will take you in my arms
Whatever the words are telling
They won't "grab" the life
How many words you will disburse
They won't be enough to life
From where do you want to life
From which advantage
And to whom you will come back
If you lose yourself, too
The love is not
Only a view
And it won't stay one
I wants all of the blood
My love is
The most red color
It became totally red
I still love you
To look and to want
Don't be afraid to lose
To rise in joy
Alive, don't die
And if our fear commit us
For not being alone
Our fear will send as again
Faraway from everything it unites
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S' Agapao Akoma (Σ' Αγαπάω Ακόμα)

Πάλι γύρισα πίσω
για ένα ακόμα τσιγάρο
Δε θα σου εξηγήσω
Αγκαλιά θα σε πάρω
Ότι λένε οι λέξεις
Τη ζωή δεν την πιάνουν
Κι όσα λόγια αν ξοδέψεις


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