Sascha (Sascha... ein aufrechter Deutscher)


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Sascha is unemployed
what does he do without work?
he cuts his hair
and pees on a Jew's grave
Bohemian schnitzel, yea that's tasty
he is angry with Sintis
he loves to eat cevapcici
he never liked Croatians

Sascha, he is German
and being German, that's so difficult
and to be German like Sascha
Abdul will never be

he even knows the alphabet
knows where the führer's bunker is at
no this man isn't an idiot...
Sascha is a German REP (whatever REP is)
he is politically up-to-date
and knows that every foreigner is an annoyance
and also his faithful German sheep dog
doesn't bark without a reason

Cos the Sascha is German
and being German is difficult
and so German like Sascha
you can't be half-time

now he lets it all hang out
and goes to the asylum's house
he breaks a window there
because every black person is a pig
then he puts the building in flames
everyone does what he can...
about the subject "German thoroughness"
he knows his ways

Sascha he is German
and being German is difficult
whoever is German like Sascha
is nothing else. 50 years ago
somebody tried to be
but the thing went wrong
and Sascha didn't get it

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Sascha... ein aufrechter Deutscher

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