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You get up and they tell you where you have to go
There you get to hear what you have to think
Thanks, another great day, for real
You say nothing and nobody is asking you: is it that what you want?

No - no - no - nnnnn no

Scream out! Until you are yourself
Scream out! Even when it is the last thing
Scream out! Even when it hurts
Scream as loud as you can!

Be aware - pied pipers hide themselves everywhere
They hunt you, grab and ambush you
promise you all that you have never dreamt of
and one day it will be to late and you will need the

No - no - no nnnn no

Scream out!

Back to absolute zero - now the time for you all has come
Let them know who you really are

Scream out scream out -scream out - Now the time is our's ...

Scream out!

Be quiet immediately!

No! - Because you are yourself
No! - And because it is the last/least thing
No! - Because it hurts so much
Scream out as loud as you can
No! - No! - No! - No! - No! - No!
Screams out as loud as you can - Scream out!

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