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Silence draws in voiceless chill,
sending him into moods,
Literally, for real, I like you,
and maybe even more...

For a few days I've been trying to say,
the silence grows bigger inside of us,
even a scream has the sound of evening stars

I'm getting lost in the vastness,
the emptiness I now fear,
and still, in a crowd, you feel alone

Voiceless cry reigns the silence,
he's a player that's hard to read,
he who can't fight, barks
today, you know him better

you're trying to save face
but what's in it for me?
and still, in a crowd, you feel alone

from the shards of sentences,
we're building the world,
I feel the voice, and in the end
it takes my breath away and I...(am getting lost in the vastness, etc)

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