Was wir alleine nicht schaffen

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Was wir alleine nicht schaffen

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While the others work and nothing happens
we are at the right time at the right place
and all is arranged, I am thankfurl for that
as I feel with my brothers and sisters
every day of my life

what we cannot make on our own
then we can accomplish on all together.
we will need no kind of weapon
our weapon is called our mind
and what we cannot make on our own
we can then accomplish togehter
we only have to be patiente
then it will not take very long

The others can laugh, no one will laugh more than us
what else shall they do, we are knights with a pink visor
a life without you has no sense, no life, no sound
then I would be blind

Something still lies before us, the life lies before us
do you feel the vanguard, the approaching cheerfulnes?

Again. we have got wind in our sails
and nothing speaks against
to reach our goals, as many signs show, we
are superior, as we are on the right was, even though
we just now face some problems
We will endure the rain, will keep our nerves
and we will manage it (somehow)
Just like we always did it
but without an inner schedule we would be lost and we would have to
realise that we move in a circle like on a motorcart circle
So let us be grateful that it is not like that
In times like this we should never loose the realisationt that
what is important for so many in life is the eternal contest
in which beyond any kind of correctness the only goal is
to make the first place in the most best of time
But never mind what the people brabble, those un-patinte once that stumble and fall
As the success to achieve by means of violence will not bring reward,
and exactly that's what we are to comprehend

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Was wir alleine nicht schaffen

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