Forever (Zavinagi)

traduction en anglais


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night and day r already combining inside of me completely
do u want me and u to get back to the beginning
can we now again both of us to bring back love
alreadt night and day I'm losing u but I don't know
were u or not with me till the end
don't lie,so it stops to hurt
already night and day r combining completely for me
I want u,but I want u forever
night and day u to be only with me truly
I want to live with u,but I know it will hurt
the lonelyness hurts,the love for u is burning out
can we change I don't know
can we now to bring back love again
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Вече нощ и ден сливат се във мен изцяло.
Искаш ли с теб да се върнем отначало
Можем ли сега пак да върнем двама любовта
Вече нощ и ден губя те, ала не зная
Беше ли или не със мен до края
Не лъжи, за да спре да боли


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