Ajmal Ma Fiki [ اجمل ما فيكي (Agmal Ma Feki) ]

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Ajmal Ma Fiki

Your eyes is the most beautiful on you, it fascinating the hearts of millions of people
All hearts around you,but , to whom your love ?
You are my soul, to whom your love?
The most beautiful of you "Eyes", called me, I do not know where me gone ..
your Image here in my mind static inside my eyes , from years before , my soul you are, static on my eyes , of years
My heart never sleep at your nights ,I`m lover enamored with you
Lover , prisoner to your eyes, lover from the second look ..
my life you are, I`m the lover from the second look
Publié par Amer Attily le Jeu, 20/09/2012 - 15:45
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اجمل ما فيكي (Agmal Ma Feki)

اجمل ما فيكى عينيكى تسحر قلوب ملايين
كل القلوب حواليكى وانتى بتحبى مين
آه يا عين وانتى بتحبى مين


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