Ah! King Of Turning Tables [ Ah! Gyakuten Ou (嗚呼!逆転王) ]

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Ah! King Of Turning Tables

As for justice
It fears not even outer space
It is something that resides only in your heart
As for courage
It's brighter than the stars
It's only visible against the dark
Somebody` Somebody understand!
That's it! Spread your arms and soar!
You must know about Heaven
That's it! Stand tall and turn and face it
The sea is always watching
Your truth
Ah! King of Turning Tables
As for peace
There are no words to express it
It rests in the people
As for true joy
It forgives all
Only love can bring it forth
Somebody`Somebody understand!
Run with strength to slice even the wind
Someday Heaven will smile
That's it! Fire up your dreams; turn around and face it!
The sea can always feel it-
Your truth
Ah! King of Turning Tables
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(T/N: Again, as last time, I sway between exact words and equivalent description of what they might choose for English phrasing. For this reason, I've come avoiding translation until now.)

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Ah! Gyakuten Ou (嗚呼!逆転王)



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Choppasmith7 années 9 semaines
Choppasmith     janvier 19th, 2010

Much better sounding (certainly better than my web translator attempt), there's no weird sounding English Phrases here like your other one. I'm only a little confused with the title. Just a minor gripe really.This is the theme for a Giant Robot from an Anime, and "King of Turning Tables" sounds a little odd for something like that. But then, I've heard the title translated as "The Comeback King" which might be a little better. But again, that's just an opinion. The rest is great! Thanks!