Listen to my heart [ Akou Tin Kardia Mou (Άκου την καρδιά μου) ]

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Listen to my heart

I called again and I found your silence
night (you're a) killer,you killed my dream
and come again tonight and cut my life
come my angel in order I won't be in pain
Listen to my heart
that's crying for you my love
my loneliness is a death circle
another night into the emptiness
listen to my heart
it screams you "come closer to me"
how do you stand to be far away from me
make the dream come true
How much I need you so many empty nights
on my own I imagine things that we used to do together
we travel on our dream
but the dream stills unfinished
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Akou Tin Kardia Mou (Άκου την καρδιά μου)

Πάλι τηλεφώνησα βρήκα τη σιωπή σου
νύχτα δολοφόνισσα τ΄όνειρό μου σκότωσες
κι απόψε έλα μου και τη ζωή μου κόψε
άγγελέ μου έλα μην πονώ
Ακου την καρδιά μου
που για σένα κλαίει έρωτά μου
γύρος του θανάτου η μοναξιά μου


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