I was taught to fight (Am învăţat să lupt)

traduction en anglais

I was taught to fight

Alina Eremia:
Every moment hurts,
The life is a dissipation
Of dreams without sense.
I've seen how the fate
Has been removing my past
Everything is a lie,
An end...
It's a harsh fate,
( Uuuu... )
It's too much...
( Uuuu... )
It's a speechless game which I've lost
It's only a wicked thought,
( Uuuu... )
It's so hard...
( Uuuu... )
To be myself
I was taught to fight...
(Yeeeeeeee... Uoouoo )
I was taught to fight...
(Yeeeeeeee... Uoouoo )
I was taught to fight...
Dorian Popa:
Maybe*, two lifes changed,
Separated roads,
Will meet...
I wished light,
But whose fault is that?
It doesn't matter anymore
When everything is empty
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Commentaires de l’auteur(e) :

[EN] There at that line "Doare, două vieţi schimbate", that "doare" is actually "poate" which is translated from Romanian in English "Maybe".
[RO] Acolo la acel vers "Doare, două vieţi schimbate", acel "doare" este de fapt "poate" care este tradus din Romana in Engleza "Maybe".

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Am învăţat să lupt

Alina Eremia:
Doare, fiecare clipă,
Viaţa-i o risipă
De vise fără rost
Am văzut cum soarta
Îmi şterge trecutul
I-o minciună totul


evfokas     juin 19th, 2012

It should be "I was taught" or "I'm taught" or "I learned" ...