My man is leaving (Andra mou pai)

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My man is leaving

I want to get drunk so I won’t think about it,
I want to cry and laugh this very night,
to sing with a a lot of rage
to shout to the moon: my man is leaving
my man is leaving, my man is leaving
Our men are leaving and going away
and if all goes well, we’ll meet in a year.
This is our life, sweet Jesus,
they're going to Germany crying and suffering
crying and suffering, crying and suffering
Daddy why do you have to go? Tell me why
Because that’s life, poor little children,
the poor guy is working and sweating
to fatten his bosses with his labour
with his labour, with his labour
I’m hearing the band, I’m hearing the music
I’m here with you but I pay heed to the train too
I’m thinking about the dark mine
by working there people are dying
people are dying, people are dying
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The original lyrics are in the Grico dialect spoken in southern Italy

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Andra mou pai

Telo na mbriakeftò na mi' ppensefso
na klafso ce na jelaso telo arte vrài;
ma mali rràggia evò e' nna kantalis
sto fengo e' nna fonaso: o andra mu pai!
o andra mu pai! o andra mu pai!
E antròpi ste' mas pane, ste' ttaràssune!
N'arti kalì 'us torùme ettù s'ena chrono!


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