The Love Song (Aşk Şarkısı)

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The Love Song

Love is despite things, love is revolution
It's the defeated, the victor, the optimistic
Love is every morning, love is every night
Love is fighting

Love is a molotov cocktail
Sometimes like a pencil in hand
Always direct action
Love is civil disobedience

Love is a street in İstanbul
Love is a squad in Berlin
One, two, three, sometimes thousands
Love is unionization

Love is a square, love is explicit
Love is walking without a mask
Love is a broken rifle
Love is mutual

Love is an ancient punk attitude
Love's become a red-black flag
Love is purple, green and pink
Love is multicolored

Love is a square in Ankara
Love is a pine burning in Athens
Love is in flames
Love is dialectic

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Aşk Şarkısı

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