purple curtains (Mor Perdeler)

traduction en anglais

purple curtains

(dont forget that room)
(it has purple curtains)
(season was in flame)
(it was one of hot june)
(school reports were in our hands)
(and a little pocket money)
(a white house which is in garden)
(that holiday evasion)
(windows were covered)
(with pink and purple roses )
(you slept in sofa)
(l slept in ground,in pileless carpet)
(we ddidnt hold eachothers hands)
(where is now like love?)
(l am still in same innocent dream)
(l am still in same excitement before one step to love)
(whenevere l am lovemaking)
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Mor Perdeler

O odayı unutma,
mor perdeleri vardı
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