Wedding Song from Oaș (Cântec de nuntă din Oaș)

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Wedding Song from Oaș

Hop, hop and hop again,
All over the hillside,
There’s no bride like ours.
The groom is handsome,
There’s no one alike in our village.
Hop, hop and hop again,
Make some room
For me to dance with the bride.
I’ve just come from my place
To dance with you, sweet bride.
Hop, hop and hop again,
The violin plays so smoothly
When this beautiful girl (of mine) gets married.
When an ugly girl gets married,
The violin stops playing.
Hop, hop and hop again,
Sweet basil¹ on the corner of the table,
Do play, man, the bride’s dance song.
Whoever doesn’t dance with the bride -
May his house burn tonight!
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¹ When young girls put sweet basil under their pillow at night, they say they can dream of their beloved (future husband).

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Cântec de nuntă din Oaș

Hop, hop, și iară hop,
Cât îi locul pă sub coastă
Nu-i mireasă ca și-a noastră.
Și mirele-i frumușel,
Nu-i în sat altul ca el.
Hop, hop, și iară hop,


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