Eurovision Song Contest 1988

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All entries in the Eurovision Song Contest 1988.

1st place for Switzerland.

2nd place for the United Kingdom.

Traductions:  français espagnol italien

4th place for Luxembourg.

Traductions:  anglais croate hongrois 3 more

5th place for Norway.

Traductions:  français anglais allemand

6th place for Yugoslavia.

Traductions:  anglais russe

7th place for Israel.

Traductions:  translittération anglais

8th place for Ireland.

9th place for the Netherlands.

10th place for France.

Traductions:  russe

Equal 12th place for Sweden.

Traductions:  anglais français allemand

Equal 12th place for Italy.

Chanson | turc MFÖ

15th place for Turkey.

Traductions:  anglais

16th place for Iceland.

17th place for Greece.

Equal 18th place for Belgium.

Traductions:  russe
Chanson | portugais Dora

Equal 18th place for Portugal.

Traductions:  anglais russe
Chanson | finnois Boulevard

20th place for Finland.

Traductions:  anglais
Chanson | allemand Wilfried

21st place for Austria.