Are you happier now (Da l' si sretnija)

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Are you happier now

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You were mine from head to toe
You were mine and you hugged me like a child
Now you are hiding your eyes from me
You are someone else's now and I have no right to you
You are someone else's and everything I gave you has fallen apart
Much like a house of cards
Are you happier now that someone else is kissing your lips
Or unhappier because he awakes in my place
God knows I'm nothing special, but once I loved you madly
What right have you, to stand here at my doorstep
little one, I walked millions of miles
Now I don't sleep along any longer
I kissed you as if I'd never kissed another in this world
But you burnt me, turned me into smoke
Publié par Goldyloxx le Lun, 14/12/2009 - 12:51

Da l' si sretnija

Moja si bila ti od glave pa do pete
moja si bila, grlila me kao dijete
sad od mene oci sakrivas
Tudja si, vise nemam ja na tebe pravo
tudja si, sve je propalo sto dao sam ti ja
bas kao kula karata