Stay with me (Dalli Ma3i)


Dalli Ma3i

ضلي معي
ضل شوف الريح
نسمات عشقانة
ضلي معي
تيضل صوتي منيح
ويزهر غناني
ضلي معي
غيرت رأيي وهالدني حبيت
ضلي معي
غنيتها موال
خليتها تنطر عباب البيت
ضلي معي .. ضلي معي
يمكن انا من ساعة اللي وعيت
عم فتش عليكي
ولولا عنيكي بالدني ما بقيت
وحياة عنيكي
ضلي معي
والعمر بدي احرقو
بخور قدامك
وعمري بطول بكرا بسرقو
وبزيد ايامك
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Stay with me

Stay with me
So that I can carry on seeing the wind
With loving breezes
Stay with me
So that my voice remains well
And flowers songs
Stay with me
I've changed my mind and loved this world
Stay with me
I sang it into a mawal (traditional arabic song)
And made it wait at the door of your house
Stay with me...stay with me
Maybe from the hour I became conscious
I was looking for you
And were it not for your eyes I wouldnt have stayed in this world
I swear on your eyes
Stay with me
And my years I want to burn
as a ba5or (scented smoke) in front of you
And if my life grows long tomorrow, ill steal it
And add it onto yours
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