Always With You


Dayman maak

دايما معاك لو فى الخيال
حبيبى واقرب حد مهما الوقت طال
وكأنى حاسس من زمان
فى يوم هنبقى لبعض زى ماقلبى قال
Dayman m3ak law fel 5ayal
7abebi w a2rab 7ad mahma el wa2t tal
We ka2eny 7ases men zaman
Fe yoam haneb2a leba3d zay ma 2alby 2al

انا بين ايديك
حلم ولا حقيقة وانت قصاد عينيا
احساسى ليك
وازاى معاه وصلت للدرجة ديا
Ana bean edaik
7ilm walla 7a2e2a wenta 2osad 3enayya
E7sasy leek
Wezay ma3a wselt lel daraga deya

انت الوحيد اللى انا اضحى بعمرى وحياتى
وسنينى وذكرياتى واتمنى اعيش معاه كل الحياة
Enta el wa7eed elly ana ada7y be3omry w 7ayati
W sneeni w zekrayati watmana a3eesh ma3ah kol 7ayati

عارف نفسى توعدنى بأيه
ميبقاش حبيبى بينا وقت للخصام
شف ضاع وباقى قد ايه
اليوم يضيع فى بعادى عنك مش حرام
3aref nfsy tow3edny be2no
Mayeb2ash 7abeby bena wa2t lel 5esam
Shof da3 w ba2y 2ad eih
El yoam ydee3 fe b3ady 3anak mish 7aram

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Always With You

Always with you even in my imagination,
My darling I'm the closest no matter how far away you are,
We will be together forever no matter the distance,
One day, just like my heart says.

I'm between your hands (you have control of me)
Is this a dream or reality when you're in fron of me?
My feelings for you,
Have reached such a high level

You're the only one I would risk my life fore,
All my years, my memories for just to spend the rest of my life with you

You know something, I wish you would promise me,
That there won't be any time for us to fight,
See how much time has passed and how much remains?
In my seperation from you, the day is lost, wasted
Is that fair?

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