God how the world is unjust (Dieu que le monde est injuste)

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God how the world is unjust

God, how the world is unjust
He so beautiful and I so homely
I would give you the moon
And you wouldn't love me
And he without making a single gesture
Without a word, without a glance
He put the tenderness
Deep in your big, dark eyes
You will give him your body
You will believe his oaths
You love him for his exterior
Without seeing what there is within
God, how the world is unjust
He gentleman and I vagrant
He will give you the moon
You who didn't ask for anything
God, how the world is unjust
Love your beautiful cavalier
The satin of your caramel skin
Is not for the beggars
My ugliness is an insult
To your insolent beauty
An error of Nature
Who has given me no love
God, how the world is unjust
Our share is not theirs
We have no fortune
But they, then, have they a heart?
They were born into refinement
To make love and war
But we the poor worms
Our life is much more beautiful
And on which side is God?
On the side of the monstrances
Or otherwise on the side of those
Who pray to him morning and night?
The Jesus whom we adore
Did he always prefer
The Three Wise Men with their gold
To us poor shepherds?
God, how life is cruel
For two hearts that seek each other
I so homely and you so beautiful
How could you love me?
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Dieu que le monde est injuste

Dieu que le monde est injuste
Lui si beau et moi si laid
Je te donnerais la lune


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