Apologies, we are sorry (Entschuldigung, es tut uns leid)

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Apologies, we are sorry

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We are here, to apologize
And we're reaching for you with our hand
We only wanted to destroy the system
But now we have afterthoughts.
Our life was hard, our childhood rough
Please hold that in consideration
Don't be bad to us, you cannot be
We have brought flowers
We are here, to apologize
To all the people of this state
For every street fight, every opposition
And everything that was not nice.
For free love in the park, and all the moise
And that we were drunk
Until today, we thought
That you were asshats, but that was not true.
We had stones and you, only water
You were right and we were faulty
We sought our limits
Thanks for your patience!
For all of this please accept as an apology
Our pretty flowers.
We are here, to apologize
And we dont want to disturb anymore
We are actually just like you,
We also want only to belong.
We have angered you, messed up your kids
And you had only laughed
But now we are sorry for that, we're standing before you
And have brought flowers
Yeah, we're really sorry about that, we're standing before you
And we have brought cookies.
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Entschuldigung, es tut uns leid

Wir sind hier, um uns zu entschuldigen,
und wir reichen euch die Hand.
Wir wollten nur das System zerstören,
doch jetzt haben wir nachgedacht.
Unser Leben war hart, unsere Kindheit schwer,
bitte zieht das in Betracht.
Seid nicht böse mit uns, ihr könnt nichts dafür,


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