Hi, I really want to contribute in Chinese language Forum. Can I share and add more in Chinese Language Forum? Thank you.

angelia2041     octobre 14th, 2010




maëlstrom     octobre 14th, 2010

谢谢,angelia. 我的中语很差,有时候需要帮助。。。这"thread"很好的设想 Laughing out loud

angelia2041     octobre 14th, 2010


If I have the knowledge to help you in some ways, Please ask directly.

angelia2041     octobre 14th, 2010


The first step is the only difficulty to learn something new. But you have the interest for Kongfu. Have fun.

angelia2041     octobre 14th, 2010


Thanks for your hint, I creat one topic. To share and share alike.
Chinese Music中国音乐 Chinese Songs中国歌曲 or Chinese lanuage中文

maëlstrom     septembre 30th, 2010

Oh yeah it'd be great, I'd like to ask you to help me if you don't mind *blushes*

Mauler     septembre 30th, 2010

I'd appreciate it, although I'm an absolute beginner (apart from some kungfu terminology) Wink

    septembre 30th, 2010

你好. Smile We don't have a forum just for Chinese, because there haven't been enough discussions about the language. But you can start a general Chinese Language thread here, if you like.

I would enjoy that... it would be fun to practice Chinese again!

angelia2041     octobre 14th, 2010


I have created one topic. It's my pleasure to know the different tastes from others's music genre about Chinese music. I want to share more and exchange. Practising and Learing Chinese are more fun too.