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Hello you all Regular smile I noticed that the new interface allows to put automatic footnotes, which I would love to use. It will be of great practice and help. But can you, people, tell how to use the feature? ^_^ Please. I don't know what is the logic of it.

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In the place where you want to add a footnote enclose the footnote text within an fn tag: 1

The filter will take the text within the tag and move it to a footnote at the bottom of the page.

You can also use a "value" attribute to a) set the numbering to start from the given value, or b) to set an arbitrary text string as label.


Using value="" you can have multiple references to the same footnote in the text body.

  • 1. like this
  • 5. a. b. c. This becomes footnote #5. Subsequent are #6, #7...
  • *. This footnote is assigned the label "*"
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@dm Thank you very, very much!