Gagauz language. Stepan Kurudimov - Rekrut

Could anyone transcribe and translate the lyrics of this song?

Calusarul     septembre 1st, 2012

I am not sure this is the best place to discuss history even if we are both a bit passionate about it.
To make it short, I'll say that we have a saying: "nici dracul nu-i chiar așa de negru" [not even the devil is as dark (=bad) as it seems]. So neither Turks, nor Russians are that bad. Just as neither Romanians or Bulgarians are that good Tongue I think evilness or goodness are equally spread within every population.

You probably know more about Romanian history than I do about Turkish history.
Yes, the Ottoman empire counterbalanced the Russian empire and the Austro-Hungarian empire in the territories largely inhabited by Romanians (mainly Transylvania, Moldova and Wallachia) and those territories/countries have long been under foreign (non Romanian) rule. I am not so sure that even nowadays my country is as independent as we would like to.
Anyway, I think we can both agree that it would have been... a different thing if Romanians had been able to manage their country as sovereign state, not as a pashalik, principality, dependency or whatever. That goes for all the states in the world.

Now, I would never say that Turks were illiterate or savage. Most of the world population more than a century or two centuries ago was illiterate (not stupid) but not savage. The Ottoman civilization was surely superior to ours (in military terms at least). But I never like to compare people or peoples and say that they are superior or inferior in certain fields. Because one might be good in math, while the other might be a good musician. One might fight very well, while the other might build very beautiful houses.

As far as the Etruscan civilization is concerned... first, you have no idea what phantasmagorical theories I've heard (mainly Romanian and Hungarian mythological history).
So, I will not be impolite and call your theory "phantasmagorical". I'll say it is inconclusive.

First of all, Italians are Latin. Not genetically, but culturally. There's no such thing as a "pure race" or "a pure people". The same thing goes for Romanians. We have very little Italic blood (if none), but the language and culture considered to be Latin. I go even further and say that people might see us today as Latin as in Latin America, as Mediterranean, as hot-blooded, Gypsy-like maybe, temperamental, but my opinion is that more than a hundred or two hundred years ago, our behaviour was much more conservatory, closer to what we'd call today strict German behaviour. Yet, we were Latin then and we are Latin today.

There's an ongoing discussion these days about the guy who politically created Wallachia, Basarab I. He seems to have had Cuman blood rather than Romanian/Wallachian. But I couldn't care less. I mean, it's an interesting thing, but that doesn't make him less of Romanian/Wallachian. My brother-in-law has Italian origins and an Italian Romanised family name. But his ancestors moved here long ago and he is not less of Romanian than myself. Occasionally, there are people in neighbouring or farther away countries that have Romanian ancestry. But that won't make them less Bulgarians, Turks, Hungarians, French, Americans or whatever.

Well, this discussion could go on forever and I think I missed a few points, but I've already written too much. Let's have each another short turn on history and then put an end to it. Let's talk about music.

AdamR     août 31st, 2012

Ahh... you know what... when I came to Romania, I bought some history books used in the Romanian schools for both studying your beloved language and also reading the history from you Romanian's point of view. And, frankly I am rather surprised... anyway.
The matter is that , sorry if i disappoint you here, but Gagauz are also Turks... During the big migration towards west from Asia, Oguz tribe is divided into two. One was Gokoguz (now they say Gagoguz) went along the north , and the other was Akoguz who went along the south.
Both Gokoguz and Akoguz branches consisted of several leader families. Akoguz tribes set up 7 or 8 regional semi-feudal states in Anatolia. And , Mr.Osman (founder of Ottoman State) was the leader of one tribal family who are located in the vicinity of Bursa city at that time. This happened during the 8-9th century.
But, as you might know, before those Oguz tribes, Fins (Finland) and Huns (Hungarians) also migrated through the same way as Gagoguz but several centuries earlier.
But..... most interesting tribe, and less known, and less recognised (specially by Italians) are Eturcs (or, Etruscs as italian say) who came to west (Europe) much earlier than any other turcic tribe, such as 6th-7th century before Crist, and located in the area of Tuscany in Italy.
Have a look at this :

Nobody understood what is written in the transcripts, until a Kazak professor reads them just few years ago. Unfortunately (!) this fact is even proved by some DNA tests on some of the Tuscany people as well. And, since then, Italians do every possible effort not to handle this case in any linguistic platform or meetings. Because the official history need to be changed then Smile I can't understand this hard-core original turkish scripts of 3000 years ago except few words , but the drawings , for example maps, drawn on a liver-shaped papers and stones, are same as those we used to use in Turkistan and Turkmenistan 4-5,000 years ago.
Morale of this story :
1) History is very interesting thing Smile
2) Don't be so sure anymore that every Italian is latin Smile
3) As opposed to the idea that is put forward by Greeks, turcic tribes were not illetarete morons when they came to Anadolia in the 9th century. Just opposite, we came down to Italy maybe more than 3000 years ago with our own scripts, and set up an Etrusc state even there in Italy.
4) When it comes to other claims specially by Greeks that Ottomans were cruel, I think they have to thank to us that we maintained the language and religion of such a less populated nations in spite of up to 500 years of hegomony, otherwise it wouldn't be so hard to spill them away and force them to change the religon and destroy all the churches etc.
More importantly , specially for Romanians, I wonder who would then stop Russians to massacre the Romanians and invade the Romanian lands. Russians are more notorious in being cruel than Turks ( I guess Smile ).
Consider the situation in Basarabia now. And, if Basarabia exists today, you must think twice before claiming any Turkish cruelty. Sure I don't say nothing happened.. but again considering the conditions of those days, maybe just happened whatever needed to be.. or less.. because I see that still there is a good number of Romanians around Smile (and, they must be... I like Romania and Romanians ! )

Calusarul     août 31st, 2012

Well, since they were Gagauz, I feel sorry for them.
But if they had been Turks, I wouldn't have felt that sorry. Tongue You know how the Ottomans used to take young boys from peoples they conquered. Laughing out loud
Hey, I'm joking here. I mean, that's history.

Anyway, I think you should - if you want to - rewrite the lyrics using the Turkish (Latin-based) alphabet, not the Cyrillic one. I published it that way because that was the way I found it.

Calusarul     août 31st, 2012

Thanks for effort, guys. Aren't they really beautiful songs?

Please tell me if any punctuation is necessary in those lyrics.

AdamR     août 31st, 2012

Rekrut is really nice song, and very sad one. It is about enlisting the Gagauz boys by force in the Russian army in the years of 1750-1800, when the military service was 25 years without a leave ... then, between 1800-1850 years, it was 20 years with one month leave etc..
But i can't catch all the words precisely from the song. Because they say some words with Russian and some other with Romanian modifications.
For example , in the Mary girl song :
They write in kyril like : "Bu il ieşi oldu" , in Turkey we write in latin : "Bu yıl eşi oldu" (=this year, happened to have his mate). But if they write like "ieşi" and read like "yeş" (as in Romanian), it is hard to match it with the correct word "eş", specially if the lyrics are not clear in the song. Because, here the word "yeş" has another meaning as well... But this happens between dialects.
So, I'll check Rekrut song from other sources or videos, if I can find one.

AdamR     août 31st, 2012

Evet bu cevabı da bekliyordum. Türkçe'yi neden ve nerede öğrendiniz ?

Luciano     août 31st, 2012

Sadece genel dilbilimin düzeyinde.

Luciano     août 31st, 2012

Ukrayna'da bir Ukraynalı… Smile

AdamR     août 31st, 2012

Başımdaki kalpağı çekip aldılar
Baserabya çocukların rekruta aldılar...
Gidin çocuklar gidin pek eyleşmeyin
....... hançeresi ne uzun kurumuş...

Şimdiden sonra bize dünya karanlık
Padişahın postaları bayırda diken (......)
Ah padişah padişah askerin yeter
...... ölümden beter

**** need to listen in a more silent place later... pls wait a little...

Luciano     août 31st, 2012

Yardımınız için çok teşekkür ederim, AdamR!

AdamR     août 31st, 2012

Bir şey değil. Türk müsünüz ? Türkçeniz güzel ve klavyeniz Türkçe, ama bütün tercümeler Polish-Russian ...
Esti Gagauz, Tatar sau Nogay ? Seems like I am confused Smile

Luciano     août 31st, 2012

Heyhat, meslektaş, ancak Ukraynalı. Smile

AdamR     août 31st, 2012

Türkiye'de bir Ukraynalı mı , yoksa Ukrayna'da bir Türk mü ? Smile

Calusarul     août 30th, 2012

And also, could anyone provide the 2 missing stanzas in this song?

Şu bağ çotın altında mari kız
Gül gül üzümcük,
Şu bağ çotın altında mari kız
Gül gül üzümcük

Üzüm mü toplayım mari kız
Sana mı bakayım,
Üzüm mü toplayım mari kız
Sana mı bakayım

Sana baka baka mari kız
Gözüm süzüldü,
Sana baka baka mari kız
Gözüm süzüldü

Versene o al basmanı mari kız
Gözümü sileyim,
Versene o al basmanı mari kız
Gözümü sileyim

( ??? two stanzas here )

Komratımın alçak yollarına
Köprümü olayım,
Komratımın alçak yollarına
Köprümü olayım

Gelene geçene mari kız
Seni mi sorayım?
Gelene geçene mari kız
Seni mi sorayım?

Bıldır (geçen sene) turnam biricikti
Bu yıl yeş oldu (eşi oldu),
Bıldır turnam biricikti
Bu yıl yeş oldu

Vardı tabir karakaşlı
Kime yeş oldun
Vardı tabir karakaşlı
Kime yeş oldun

AdamR     août 31st, 2012

Gözümü sildikçe sildikçe Mari kız
Sana kem bakayım...
Seni de bana vermesaydılar
Deli mi olayım ..

Luciano     août 31st, 2012

Gözümü sildikçe sildikçe mari kız,
sana kem bakayım
Seni da bana vermiş saydılar,
deli mi olayım