Illegal commercial use of our contributions to Lyricstranslate

Dear colleagues,
yesterday I informed the administration of about commercial use of illegal copies from my account. I found copies of my contributions on a commercial site named

Warning: Never register on this website! By going through the registration, you will take out a subscription with annual prize of 96,- Euros.

The owner of and, Michael Burat, is on trial for Internet fraud in Osnabrueck, Germany, at the moment (

I hope that administration of Lyricstranslate will undertake steps to protect our contributions from illegal commercial use.

With best regards

Rainer (krutykrtek)

krutykrtek     février 21st, 2012

Dear LT administrator, dear community members,
What I signalled with my post from Feb. 13, 2012 is not an individual problem.

German consumer protection services published a black list of racketeer domains that use song lyrics as “bait” in so called “subscription traps”. Among them are domains like,,,,,

Notorious figurants of this shadow business, like Michael Burat, Alexander Varin, Matthias Moench, Robert Adamča, Viliam Adamča, Jan Schmidtlein, Andreas Schmidtlein and Olaf Tank are suspicious to co-operate in a mafia network named “Frankfurter Kreisel”. As long as this was possible, from the late 1990th up to the early 2000th, they made big money with diallers. Now the main business consists in providing content that is available on the net for free on commercial sites for horrent subscription fees. Most of the users are not aware that by going through the registration procedure they are signing a 2-years subscription contract (costs: 192 Euros).

Content is collected with the help of firms like Webtains, Content Services Ltd., iContent GmbH.

As for me, I’m worried because I found my translations already on three of the above listed racketeer sites.

Best regards


    février 19th, 2012

If we want to talk about copyright violations, we should look at all the avatars that are being used without permission by contributers.

ryanasaurus0077     février 19th, 2012

Well, this only leaves one question, then. Can we post our own translations elsewhere on the Internet (except, of course, those hack sites)?

lt     février 20th, 2012

ryanasaurus0077 a écrit :
Well, this only leaves one question, then. Can we post our own translations elsewhere on the Internet (except, of course, those hack sites)?

As the author and copyright owner, you can post your translations wherever you want.

krutykrtek     février 18th, 2012

Dear LT Administrator, thank you very much for this clear statement! I just found the information on that Michael Burat - the person who copied my translations and published them on his own commercial sites - was found guilty by the district court of Osnabrueck yesterday and sent to prison for one an a half years (for fraud and illegal business). Of course, I complained to the administration that illegal copying toke place, but Mr. Burat is a criminal.. The court took the right decision. I hope that "yego primer drugim nauka".
Yes, you are right, netiquette is a good thing.
Best regards
Rainer (Krutykrtek)

lt     février 17th, 2012

Copying of the content is very common, content is copied to any sort of websites here and there in the web… International netiquette requests that as long as author is not against copying, the second party can copy content (article, blogpost, etc), clearly linking to the source.

We are small group of developers, and we cannot go after each and every case of translation copying - which happens often, in the different parts of the world, by different sites. We can only suggest you to complain to the administration that non-authorized copying is taking place, they should remove translations after that.

Obviously, Lyricstranslate gave no permissions to copy translations published here.

krutykrtek     février 15th, 2012

Dear ryanasaurus0077, dear turcanin,
thank you very much for your comments! Meanwhile I read the German Copyrights Protection Law and I came to the conclusion that it is up to everybody of us to undertake steps in order to protect our copyrights. In Germany translaters own the copyrights of their works. A translation is considered to be a piece of creative work. To publish copies of translations without mentioning the source of the text (for instance, an active link that leads to the original publication) is an illegal action. If the translater as owner of the copyrights disagrees with publication by third persons he can demand removement of the text. In case that a third person uses your translation for getting profits - as the owner of, Mr. Burat, definitly does - this is the more an illegal action.

I guess that Mr. Burat uses our translations without permission of the Lyricstranslate team.
I personally would like to express thanks to Lyricstranslate for providing a platform that allows for publishing translated songlyrics of my favourite interprets. Thanks to everybody for contributing to this interesting forum!


turcanin     février 15th, 2012

What Rainer (krutykrtek) signaled is about the illegal commercial use on a commercial site. This is not OK. This is supposed to be fun and free.

On the other hand, if you don't want your stuff not to be copied, you probably shouldn't post it on the Web. It wouldn't help much tough. There are tons of copyright material illegally circulated on the Net, so I don't think you have a chance to fight it.

Anyways, thank you for pointing it out, Rainer! Hopefully there is someone around here to help (legally or otherwise). There is also the point if posting and translating lyrics on this site isn't a copyright infringement in the first place, even if it's not for commercial use.

I guess the first thing would be to personally ask them to remove your stuff from their site (i.e. and

ryanasaurus0077     février 14th, 2012

I personally have no problem with others (myself included) using the translations I contribute here. It all depends on how each of us individual users here feel about others using our translations.