Hello there, friends!
This traveller is in search of those Lucky Ali fanatics who also entertain a flair in poetry-writing! I wish to translate Lucky Ali's song-lyrics from Sunoh, Sifar, Aks, Kabhi Aisa Lagta Hai, Xsuie & Raastaman into English for all those Lucky Ali fans from Non-Hindi Speaking Countries (I came across many of them over last few years).

For this task I need a group, a team to make 'poetic-translations' of these songs. Interested fans may message me on facebook. You may also email me on my gmail id prateekagar88@gmail.com or use the message service here.

"...kisi ki talaash mein
Ye gujre zamana,
Kal hain kahaan?
Do pal ka bahana!
Nahin tha yakeen, hum
Hue to rawaana..."

Thank you.