Havoc (Grabuge)

traduction en anglais


Life in bulk
Little in the rush
Too much rag bag, bricks, bullies, blocks are edgy like pointed by rage!
Youngs in havoc, drifting, have an uncertain future because absorbed by a way of life not that great!
This world is sick, we have not recovered from it yet, a great parade from which we have learnt to destroy their barricades.
Their damn benefits would get us crazy, how can you be sedate it's Tintin in the neurotic world!
Welcome, bienvenida aqui 1 where nothing is granted, where they always teach you the paradox so my ideas joined the maquis 2
This world isn't pink!!
No, no it's khaki so no matter what happens i'll stay a MIC soldier!
Tear gas atmosphere, moist eyes because of the anger, prepare your bombs, robotic men in blue are hungry for slaughters!
If only their system were to fail, that everyone would reap what he deserves, it's getting me mad, so big up everyone who militates!
Look how we are that of dupe, hard to go out out of the hive, in our head it's a mess, peace has burnt at the stake!
Condemned for ages by a bastards' system, the destruction outran everything, for it there's no "radar"!
Modern man, happy as long as he takes his cheque, refrains himself from seeing the corpse of the human's rights be riddled with "lying buller"!
They told me "Your God is the Economy. We've built a world with the same rules that of the Monopoly"!
Bunch of jerks, your madness is collective, liberals don't care about the human beings, others are transforming them into human currency!
Look outside, or watch your T.V, see Sarko going crazy, a voice's telling me : "let's shut this little Hitler into a sarcophagus"
2007, it's freaking me out, Nicolas, Jean-Marie, i'm really thinking about going into exile if nothing blows up here:
We've been taken for a ride, there's only poison, to better push aside their rules, let's exteriorize their havoc!
I don't trust in what they're reserving us, can't you see the walls tightening, let me meditate while i stare at the sky!
Tonight, the moon is full, like my resentment, my hope is on a stretcher, and my dreams went in treatment.
Haven't been defeated but poisoned, my memories, troubadours who have already well bummed around.
What's left for me? The despair of my opened eyes seeing a dark truth where only the worst decides what will happen.
They'd like to make us believe that everything's going to be ok, it will be the case when on mother Earth the misery will be far.
And connected i hear the cries of more than one nation.
Established order, insensitive, the Occident teaches you the fear of the other ones.
Way too many amalgams, the Homo-Sapiens have surrendered, gave place to the Homo-Economicus, a sellout race.
I don't trust what they're reserving us, and we'll have to do something about that before the walls tighten...
Hey yo!
Keny Arkana, la rabia del pueblo 3
Hey, it's on his "grabuge" 4
Kargal prod
Saiz, systemati. La callita.
The rage of the People
It's Keny -
  • 1. "bienvenida aqui" means "welcome" in Spanish.
  • 2. Maquis, "maquisard", someone from the resistance (from WW2).
  • 3. Rage of the people, in Spanish.
  • 4. "Grabuge" is the name of the song. It's also in a mixtape by "Saiz" with the same name, in which this song appears. Kargal Prod is the label.
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Vie en vrac
un peu à l'arrache,
trop de bric à brac, de briques, de brutes, de blocks à cran comme braqués par la rage !
Jeunesse dans le grabuge, partant à la dérive, avenir un peu flou, car tous noyés dans un mode de vie pas terrible !
Ce monde est malade, on en a pas guéri une grande parade de laquelle on a acquéri l'art d'plier leurs barrages !
Leur putain d'intérêt voudrait nous rendre barge, comment être posé c'est tintin au grand royaume des névrosés !
Welcome, bienvenida aquí (bienvenue ici en espagnol) où jamais rien n'est acquis, où on t'apprends le contraire alors mes idées sont dans le maquis !
Ce monde n'est pas rose !!