Help Me Fly (Hilf mir fliegen)

Help Me Fly

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I have landed here somewhere
Can´t tell you who I am
I have lost my memories
The pictures (in my mind) do not make sense
Bring me back, take me home
I can´t get out of here on my own

Come and help me fly
Lend me your wings
I (ex-)change them against the world
against everything that´s keeping me here
I change them tonight
with all I have

Tell me all the lies
Make me believe them
otherwise I cannot breathe anymore
and these silence makes me numb
only grey walls without light
everything here is without me

I cannot find myself here
I cannot recognize myself anymore
Come and pull me out of here
I would give everything for this
I have wanderlust
I want to come back
(but) the distance is getting bigger
with every moment

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Hilf mir fliegen

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