Colombian National Anthem (Columbian National Anthem - Himno Nacional de Colombia)

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Colombian National Anthem

¡Oh, inaccesible glory!
¡Oh, immortal joyfulness!
¡On the soil of pains
goodness is already bearing fruit!
¡The dreadful night is over! Sublime freedom
spills the dawns of its invincible light.
The whole of mankind, groaning amidst chains,
understands the words of He who died on the cross.
¡Independence! Clamors the american world,
Columbus´land is bathed on the blood of heroes.
But this great principle, "The King is not our sovereign"
resonates, and the suffering blessses its passion.
The shores of Orinoco* fill up with corpses,
a river runs fueled by tears and blood.
In Bárbula **, the souls and eyes don´t know
whether to feel awe or suffer from dread.
On Caribbean shores, a hungry nation fights,
choosing horrors over tainted health.
¡Oh, yes! Great is the abnegation of Cartagena,
and his virtue looks down on the debris of death.
From Boyacá ***, in their fields, the genius of glory
crowned an undefeated hero on each wheat plant.
Soldiers without a plate won the victory:
their virile breath was their shield.
Bolívar **** crosses the Andine Range, that whets two oceans,
swords like lightning bolts shine on Junín #
untamed centaurs come down upon the plains
and the epic´s end starts to be felt.
The victorious horn resounds through Ayacucho ##
and with each victory its formidable ring grows.
On her expansive pull liberty is first presented,
makind a pavillion out of the whole american sky.
Virgin Mary pulls her hair out in agony
and, widowed of her love, hangs then on a cypress.
He mourns for his hope, now covering a cold grave
but glorious pride surrounds her pale face like a halo.
Thus a homeland is born, the Therompilae ### growing,
a constellation of cyclops brightened its night.
The trembling flower, feeling death on the wind
sought shelter under the laurel´s leaves.
But the glory of winning on the battlefield is not complete,
because the arm that fights is animated by truth.
Mere independence won´t along quell the clamoring:
the sun shines on all alike, justice is freedom.
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* Along with the Amazon, South America´s main river, and one of the biggrest and widest in the world, spanning over several countries.

** Name of a province on actual Venezuela, where a combined columbian and venezuelan army obtained a decisive victory agains Spanish collonial armies, albeit at a very high cost.

*** One of the 32 provinces of Colombia.

**** Simon Bolívar, revolutionary politician and general, and instigator of the independence of most of South América.

# Main city on the northern reaches of Buenos Aires province, Argentine.

## Peruvian city

### Mountain pass on Greece, a reference to the stand off orchestrated by King Leonidas of Sparta agqains a much superior Persian army.

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Columbian National Anthem - Himno Nacional de Colombia

Oh gloria inmarcesible!
¡Oh júbilo inmortal!
¡En surcos de dolores
el bien germina ya!
¡Cesó la horrible noche! La libertad sublime
derrama las auroras de su invencible luz.
La humanidad entera, que entre cadenas gime,


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Thank you.

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>"resonates, and the suffering blesss its passion." (typo here)
>"The shores of Orinocco* fill up with corpses," -> Orinoco
>"A orillas del Caribe hambriento un pueblo lucha," =
On Caribbean shores a hungry people fights