I want to grow old with you (Hocu da ostarim s tobom)


Hocu da ostarim s tobom

Svi dugi dani i duge noci
ostaju za nama znaj
bice nam lakse ako smo skupa
nemoj da mislis na kraj
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A sta bi ti sad od mene jos
kad dadoh sve sto sam mogo
ti znas da volim te volim te jos
hocu da ostarim s tobom
Lepo je bilo svo ono vreme
sto smo ga imali mi
nemoj da budes unapred tuzna
od svega lepsa si ti
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I want to grow old with you

All long days and long nights
Know, are left behind us
It will be easier for us if we're together
Don't think about the end
But what do you now want more of me
When I gave you all I could
You know that I love you, I still love you
I want to grow old with you
All that time
We had together was beautiful
Don't be sad beforehand
You're most beautiful
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