Amir Haddad - Il était une femme (traduction en anglais)

traduction en anglais

There Was A Woman

She wore it like a king
A piece of heart
She rocked it of warmth
When it was cold
Also as simple as she breathes,
She understands it and it's just like that
It's in bed in her arms that he speaks softly
Sometimes without voice
She draws illusions
When the joy goes away
With patience and passion
Sometimes without you
I feel sad like a hand of a pianist
Who would have lost his will to play
To believe that without you I'm not gifted
There was a women
There was a women
She always had a smile
And some dreams
For that in the worst moments
He gets up
When the day declines, she leaves on her cheek
Her magic, her sweet words
The love that will hold among the insane
Among the wolves
You guide me like a shepard
Drowned of everything
But you teach me to swim
Without you, I admit
I feel sad like an eye without an iris
I am scared of passing by next to
Life and its beauties
There was a women
There was a women
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Il était une femme

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