John, John (Ioane, Ioane)

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John, John

"John, John,
My mouth is aching
because of calling "John",
John doesn't answer,
because he can't from where he is.
My little John,
my first son,
left to the army
and didn't come back anymore,
and didn't come back anymore.
John, John,
Your vineyard is ploughed
Your land is digged,
but remains unharvested.
And starlings are coming
to pull off the grapes,
The wine stocks remain bare
beaten by the wind and the rain."
On Friday morning,
through dew, through mist,
An old mother
walks, walks,
with only two teeth in her mouth.
She walked and she cried;
To whom she passed by,
To whom she met,
She always asked :
"Didn't you see by accident
a brave guy around here,
with cheeks as red as beetroot*,
and eyes as (blue as) the chicory flower?"
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* just as in French, I suppose it's the color she wants to refer to...but OI can also write " as (beautiful) as flowers" if you prefer Smile

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Ioane, Ioane

„Ioane, Ioane,
Gurița mă doare
Tot strigând « Ioane ».
Ionel nu răspunde,
Că n-are de unde.¹
Ionel al meu,
Legănel dintâi,²


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You got it right in the English version. Smile So I'll give you six stars here: ★★★★★★ and a smiling face Smile
"but remains unharvested."