Tego Calderon - Julito Maraña (traduction en anglais)

traduction en anglais

Julito Maranya

What's going on, Julito?
What happened?
Throws a stick over there, planchao!
Let's give it to ourselves...!
Oh, really...
I have to do something...
Julito Maranya of a bad habit
Pulls his feat, 80 tricks and a thousand traps
he smokes a fili with a cane drink
and with a Magnum, he tarnishes someone's day
and the big shots scrape like piranhas.
The little boy that meets Julito is damaged
He like the kill, the assaults, and the weeds
No one throws a guy of that type in the middle
Neither do the states, nor special arrests
Neither do the feds find evidence in the court
because the whole world knows all of its evils
There is no evidence nor witnesses to indicate it
In the neighborhood, they are afraid of him because he is a brave type
and has the devil dancing by its tail.
He doesn't work, and he always goes to the end
He blows you away if you don't give the kids
On other days they guarantee an eighth
and during the week the guy went to collect the kids
Julio takes out the 9 and cracks it at the end
and the guy would ran like he was in the turkey marathon.
[Tego Calderon]
Look, fuck, this is an assault!
Car keys, wallet, money, and the clothes!
Don't look at me unless you want me to shoot you!
And have a ticket ready the next time you come!
The liquor stores, the ATH, and the shops
that sticking point, and wherever they are sold
See if the guy is bad and he likes to fuck around
I'll take away his pastor until the kids sacrifice
Pull up for the Newyores for your aunt's cause
to see if the problems she had cooled down
and to all of the bad boys, he made a pal in crime
and in the higher circles of Manhattan, the people know him
In number 42, to Brookly by tram
Everything that he picked up, my little brother, fucked
he left for the island, chased by the police
and when he came, he came even worse
("There is Julio, ah!")
The neighborhood was saying
and thought that he was going to kill some cats like he did before
but it's not the same, those days are gone.
Don't confuse humility with cowardice.
Boquetrapo, daddy, the whole world is beautiful here
Now bound by killing, and even more if you are a toad.
[Tego Calderon]
"Man, no!"
Here I am the bully!
These little kids are scared of me motherfucker!
Let it light them up with this question, fool!
But the guy of the eighth is the owner of the alley
he had the village walking by the shore
and the minions had stifles
and they had like 15 in the ribs
What you think happens to Julito if he pillages a man.
"Hey, Julito Maranya!"
"Remember me, motherfucker!"
"What happened, who the hell are you!"
"He who split the melon in the eight?"
"Watch who you bring it up to, crazy!
Watch, a silly song, eject...!
Julito died...
Because of the bully...
Julito died...
Because of the bully...
"The prison, the cemetaries...
They are full of people like Julito Maranya
Walk right, fucker...
Abuse is not good, humility prevails...
Times changed...
The time machine doesn't stop...
One dies, but life continues...
Be good, don't struggle...
Search for the weight, honorably...
so that the same thing doesn't happen to you, you know..
(Julio Voltio!)
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Julito Maraña

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