You And I Are The Same (kau dan aku sama)


kau dan aku sama

Cinta bagaikan irama
tumpuan alunan nada
Kadang sendu kadang
syahdu gejolak di dalam
kau dan aku seirama
senada di dalam cinta
sama-sama merasakan
kecewa dalam asmara
jangan biarkan hatimu
Merana hanya karena
ulah asmara
Jangan biarkan dirimu
tercekam terhempas
Terkuras hanya karena
kasih yang semu
Kita sama-sama menanti
Kekasih yang ingkarkan
Kita sama-sama dilanda
kerinduan dua insan
Merasakan cinta gelisah
Sudah nasib kita
ditakdirkan sama
Mungkinkah cinta menjelang bermakna Mungkinkah cinta diantara kita
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need the english translation please

Align paragraphs
traduction en anglais

You And I Are The Same

Love is like the rhythm
The pedestal of wave tone
Sometimes sad sometimes
melodious fluctuation inside
the soul
You and I are a rhythm
A tone within love
Together feel
Crestfallen inside the romance
Don't let your heart
Languish just because of
The act of love
Don't let yourself
Gripped by, crashed down
Drained just because of
the vague compassion
Together we're waiting
For lover that break
The promise
Together we're strickened by
The longing of two human
Feeling restless love
Your wheeze
Is the fate of us
Destined to be the same
Is the love that comes close meaningful?
Is there are love lies between us?
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honestly, it's so hard to translating this lyrics into english. the words is too beautiful and some of them are
doesn't have meaning in english... sorry, my english is bad, cuz english is not my mother tounge TT.TT

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genki     avril 8th, 2012

Smile thanks it is good enough to understand the meaning of it

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you're welcome, genki :biggrin:

Regulus     avril 9th, 2012

you're welcome, genki :biggrin:

genki     avril 19th, 2012

you are most welcome Regulus

Regulus     avril 19th, 2012

ahaha thank you :redface: