Stars of Love (Kochavim Shel Ahava | כוכבים של אהבה)

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Stars of Love

The good lord created us
Like actors in a play
In this performance of ours
Only he decides what will be
By his hand the plot is written
And we have a story ready
I will be a loving wife
You will be my groom
It has been written there in the heavens
That we will stay forever
You and I,
Are stars of love
All our lives are still ahead of us
We have only just begun
There is a great love between us
Yes, this is a great love
We pledge our allegiance forever
And ask for whatever we can
May god protect us
And may we have good luck
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Kochavim Shel Ahava | כוכבים של אהבה

האל הטוב ברא אותנו
כמו שחקנים במחזה
בהצגה הזאת שלנו 
רק הוא קובע מה יהיה
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