I know your steps (Korake ti znam)

traduction en anglais

I know your steps

I know your steps, you rush like without your head
Where, I don’t ask, because if I ask, you stay silent
And it’s ever harder to part with you and your body
And I know you less and less, that’s not what I wanted
It’s as if I’m stealing you away from everybody just for me
May they leave you, may they not touch you
I poisin blood and soul most when I wound you
And I still hate it all while I defend myself in front of you
Don’t ruin my day, it’s never been harder for me
You’ve never lived alone in a spider’s web
Like I have, life connects me to you
Will it ever get easier or only harder, eh….
When you easily put our whole life in a gamble
As if we never said: “Till death do us part”
Don’t ruin my day, it’s never been harder for me
You’ve never lived alone in a spider’s web
Like I have…
Like I have...
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Korake ti znam

Korake ti znam, kao bez glave sad žuriš
Kuda, ne pitam, jer ako pitam, ti šutiš
I sve se teže rastajem od tebe i tvog tijela
I sve te manje poznajem a nisam tako htjela
K'o da kradem te od svih samo za sebe
Nek' te ostave, nek' mi ne diraju tebe
I krv i dušu otrujem najgore kad te ranim


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094Zlaja     avril 26th, 2012

For a person to whom Bosnian(Serbian, Croatian) is third (or forth) language, this translation is more than perfect Smile Keep up the good work.

mabushii     janvier 25th, 2014

You did a great job translating this, great work Laughing out loud The person who rated this two stars obviously doesn't speak this language :/