Traductions – Filipino/Tagalog (thème et version)

CorithaAwit Kay LeandroFilipino/Tagalog → anglais-
CorithaBilanggoFilipino/Tagalog → anglais-
CorithaHabilinFilipino/Tagalog → anglais-
CorithaHuwag Nang Malumbay, Mahal (Coritha's Lullaby)Filipino/Tagalog → anglais-
CorithaLangit Sa LupaFilipino/Tagalog → anglais-
CorithaMaligayang MundoFilipino/Tagalog → anglais5
Fernando Ortegahow deep the father's loveanglais → Filipino/Tagalog-
ThalíaMariang Taga-BarrioFilipino/Tagalog → anglais-
Sponge ColaBisitaFilipino/Tagalog → anglais-
Sponge ColaPasukan Na NamanFilipino/Tagalog → anglais-
Sponge ColaPag-ibigFilipino/Tagalog → anglais-
Sponge ColaAng SayaFilipino/Tagalog → anglais-
ThalíaJuana (Tagalog Version)Filipino/Tagalog → anglais-
ThalíaMarimarespagnol → Filipino/Tagalog-
Magic!Rudeanglais → Filipino/Tagalog-
ThalíaNandito AkoFilipino/Tagalog → espagnol-
ThalíaChika LangFilipino/Tagalog → anglais-
Voice of 5Pagkat mahal kitaFilipino/Tagalog → anglais1
Bruno MarsJust The Way You Areanglais → Filipino/Tagalog-
Sponge ColaCodaFilipino/Tagalog → anglais-
Olivia Newton JohnHopelessly Devoted to Youanglais → Filipino/Tagalog-
Jos GarciaIkaw ang Iibigin KoFilipino/Tagalog → anglais-
Lady GagaJudasanglais → Filipino/Tagalog-
AsinHanginFilipino/Tagalog → anglais-
Moana (OST)How far I'll goanglais → Filipino/Tagalog-
CNCOReggaetón lento (bailemos)espagnol → Filipino/Tagalog-
Chopsticks BrothersLittle Appleanglais → Filipino/Tagalog-
Edward MayaMy Dreams Miss Youanglais → Filipino/Tagalog-
Naughty BoyLa La Laanglais → Filipino/Tagalog-
Sharon CunetaKahit Maputi Na Ang Buhok KoFilipino/Tagalog → anglais-
ShakiraChantajeespagnol → Filipino/Tagalog-
Hamilton (musical)Congratulationsanglais → Filipino/Tagalog-
Soul JugglersHanggang MagdamagFilipino/Tagalog → espagnol-
RuslanaFight for Love and Freedomanglais → Filipino/Tagalog-
Moana (OST)An Innocent Warriortokelauan → Filipino/Tagalog1
Green Day21 Gunsanglais → Filipino/Tagalog-
Chris Ricegreat is thy faithfulnessanglais → Filipino/Tagalog-
Hillsong ChurchOur Fatheranglais → Filipino/Tagalog1
Mm and mj magnoThis Is Our PPOP WorldFilipino/Tagalog → anglais-
Soul JugglersHanggang MagdamagFilipino/Tagalog → anglais-
Edward MayaClose To Meanglais → Filipino/Tagalog-
Hiroyuki SawanoX.U.anglais → Filipino/Tagalog-
Parokya ni Edgaryour songanglais → Filipino/Tagalog-
Moana (OST)We Know The Wayanglais → Filipino/Tagalog-
Dragon Ball ZYEAH! BREAK! CARE! BREAK!japonais → Filipino/Tagalog-
Vic MignognaDragon Soulanglais → Filipino/Tagalog-
StepsLast thing on my mindanglais → Filipino/Tagalog-
A-TeensHalfway Around The Worldanglais → Filipino/Tagalog-
Chopsticks BrothersLittle Appleanglais → Filipino/Tagalog2
Chopsticks BrothersLittle Apple (小苹果)chinois → Filipino/Tagalog-
Frozen (OST)For the First Time in Forever (Reprise)anglais → Filipino/Tagalog-
Frozen (OST)For The First Time In Foreveranglais → Filipino/Tagalog-
Moana (OST)How far I'll go (Pop Version)anglais → Filipino/Tagalog3
Ariana GrandeOne Last Timeanglais → Filipino/Tagalog-
One DirectionStory of My Lifeanglais → Filipino/Tagalog-
Michael W. SmithI Will Be Here For Youanglais → Filipino/Tagalog-
Lara FabianBroken Vowanglais → Filipino/Tagalog-
PinkTrue Loveanglais → Filipino/Tagalog-
Lukas Graham7 Yearsanglais → Filipino/Tagalog-
The Lord's PrayerAma NaminFilipino/Tagalog → translittération-
KurousaPSenbonzakura (千本桜)japonais → Filipino/Tagalog-
Piko TaroPen Pineapple Apple Pen (PPAP)anglais → Filipino/Tagalog-
Air SupplyChancesanglais → Filipino/Tagalog-
A Rocket to The MoonLike We Used Toanglais → Filipino/Tagalog-
L’Âme ImmortelleFallen Angelanglais → Filipino/Tagalog-
Yeng ConstantinoUna't Huling Pag-ibigFilipino/Tagalog → anglais-
Air SupplyStronger Than The Nightanglais → Filipino/Tagalog-
Hillsong UnitedThat's What We Came Here Foranglais → Filipino/Tagalog-
Heber VegaThat's what we came here foranglais → Filipino/Tagalog-
Chris TomlinJesus Son of Godanglais → Filipino/Tagalog1
LoonieBalewalaFilipino/Tagalog → anglais-
Phil WickhamThis Is Amazing Graceanglais → Filipino/Tagalog-
Darlene ZschechThe Love Of Jesusanglais → Filipino/Tagalog2
HaleBlue Skyanglais → Filipino/Tagalog-
The Early Bird SpecialsHappy Christmasanglais → Filipino/Tagalog-
Into the Woods (OST)Prologue: Into the Woodsanglais → Filipino/Tagalog-
Mariah CareySomedayanglais → Filipino/Tagalog-
Christian BautistaSince I found youanglais → Filipino/Tagalog-
SampaguitaMahiligFilipino/Tagalog → anglais-
SampaguitaKumadreFilipino/Tagalog → anglais-
AsinAng Buhay KoFilipino/Tagalog → anglais-
ThalíaJuana (Tagalog Version)Filipino/Tagalog → croate-
AsinGising Na KaibiganFilipino/Tagalog → anglais-
Yeng ConstantinoIkawFilipino/Tagalog → français-
AsinMagulang (Alay Kay Rocky)Filipino/Tagalog → anglais-
AsinPanibagong BukasFilipino/Tagalog → anglais-
Air SupplyToniteanglais → Filipino/Tagalog-
Darlene ZschechGod Is Hereanglais → Filipino/Tagalog-
AsinSayang KaFilipino/Tagalog → anglais-
AsinHimig ng Pag-IbigFilipino/Tagalog → anglais-
SampaguitaSayawanFilipino/Tagalog → anglais-
Takayuki MiyauchiChoudenshi Biomanjaponais → Filipino/Tagalog-
AsinBayan KoFilipino/Tagalog → anglais-
AsinCotabatoFilipino/Tagalog → anglais-
City Harvest ChurchBecause of Youanglais → Filipino/Tagalog1
AsinAng Bayan KongFilipino/Tagalog → anglais-
SampaguitaIkaw Pa RinFilipino/Tagalog → anglais-
SampaguitaEasy PareFilipino/Tagalog → anglais-
Hillsong UnitedForever Reignanglais → Filipino/Tagalog-
AsinMasdan Mo Ang KapaligiranFilipino/Tagalog → anglais-