Throw you away for free


Larmik Bbalach

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Throw you away for free

The first time i opened my eyes was when i first saw you baby
You were showing me
our entire world
You smelled my roses
And gave beauty to my existence
Your love was the crown achievement of all my promises
And no matter what happens i'll be true to my word

I burried your heart in my chest
All i wanted was to keep you warm
But I smelled the lies in your love
Yea, Nice try
You're trying to put the blame on me
But i've forgotten you already
Who do you think you are

No, i will not sell you, i will throw you away for free
You are priceless alright but the price is wrong
If you are true to me, you can sleep in my heart
Watch out baby, my love has no end

You've erased my promises
And never meant to keep any of yours
Our story ends
You were setting on changing from the very start
You were betting that i couldn't handle it and so i'll extinguish our spark

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