The Front Of Hate (Le front de la haine)

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The Front Of Hate

You took me for one of your own
Call me the enemy to your fascism
Barricades all the way up to the ballot boxes
Hey gang of idiots, you want to silence my people
But the enemy's lies and his message are well-known
Manipulation won't get you my spirit or my flesh
And fat pig, your Mr. Clean, we're gonna hose you down
Hey, you caught me disagreeing with Sarko
I'm spitting out my international rap made to burn down your flags
You want my rage, right? So that your average can rise
Your blue-white-red sickens me, I'm a citizen of the world
Fuck your system, Ségolène, Sarkozy or Le Pen,
There is no revolution, in your institutional policy
I call for civil disobedience
Reappropriation to give meaning to our lives
The fight is strong, certainly not workable,
Anti FN, yes I'm pissing off the Front National
Take down the front of hatred (x4)
A fat pig wanted to recover the cause,
The real ones knew he blew his cover,
The silence indicates approval so I'll continue to shout,
Bringing out the words of those without voices
Because the real revolution builds up from the bottom
The resistance is up against your demonic parties,
Oligarchy, fraternity, it's the people against the monarchy
Unsubdued, we remain the same even under tyranny
We need to build without them to make their pyramid fall
The fight continues
And the change will come from the bottom
Civil disobedience (x2)
Crawling towards France
I'm not noting any of your candidates, your presidential masquerade
Because the change will not be institutional
Fuck the FN
Fuck the UMP
Fuck the PS
The change will come from the bottom
Fuck those in favour of hatred
Their propaganda based on slander and lies
There's another proof
Keny Arkana, the rage of the people
Dedicated to those without rights
The change will come from the bottom, we'll continue this fight
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Le front de la haine

Vous m'avez pris pour une des votre
Appelle moi l'ennemi de ton fascisme
Des barricades jusqu'aux urnes de votes
Hé bande de cons, Vous voulez endormir les miens
Mais le mensonge de l'ennemi et son message on connait bien
Manipulation, vous n'aurez ni mon esprit ni ma chair
Et gros porc ton M. Propre on va t'nettoyer au karcher
Hé, tu m'as pris clasher Sarko