Vitas - Mama (Мама) (traduction en anglais)

traduction en anglais


It's hard for me to explain with words
Feelings that live inside of me.
I can't explain to anyone that in the night
I can't sleep because of thoughts.
Mother, I remind you
Forgive me, my dear and darling one
Always I was very opinionated
I've chosen thorny pathes
Forgive me, my dear
For parting, for my rare letters
Mentally I kiss your hand
And your clenched lips.
Often I'm crying when remind
The way I used to offend you.
Forgive me, my dear
Forgive me last time if you love.
I used to misunderstand so much
I have to understand so much even now
I think I used to love a few
If I couldn't recognize your love
Your love, love with no end
Your hopes and dreams
Forgive me for my insolent behavior
Because of it you was sad
Now I know more about life
I've understood much
I remind your care
And want to huge you so much
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Mama (Мама)