• Artiste: Hayedeh (هایده)
  • Artiste invité: Hayedeh
  • Album: 40 Hayedeh Golden Songs, Vol 1 - Persian Music by Hayedeh
  • Chanson: Masti
  • Traductions: anglais, turc


Mastiam darde mano
dige davaa nemikone
gham baa man zade shode
mano raha nemikone

shab ke az rah mirese
ghorbatam baahaaah miad
Tooye koochehaye shab
Baa sedaye pash miad

man ghamo yeh kohneamo var midaram
ke tuye meykhune ha ja bezaram
mibinam yeki miad az meykhune
zire lab mastune avaaz mikhune

garmie masti miad
Tooye raghaye tanam
bebinam delam mikhad
Paaye ki harf bezanam
ki miad be harfhaye man goosh bede
akhe man gharibe mastam baa hame
yeki ashena miad be chashme man
vali az vaghte badam oonam ghame

khaste az harchi ke bud
khaste az harchi ke hast
be oon goftam ke beram
mesle har shab maste mast

baz delam mesle hamishe khalie
baz delam geryeye tanhai mikhad
barmigardam ta bebinam kesi nist
mibinam gham dare donbalam miad

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traduction en anglais


doesn't cure my pain anymore
the sorrow was born with me
wont let me go

the night arrives
the nostalgia comes with it
in the allies of night
comes with the sound of its steps

I take my old pains
to leave them in the pubs
I see someone comes out of the pub
mumbling a song drunkenly

the warmth of drunkenness comes
into the veins of my body
lets see with whom
do i want to talk?
who would want to listen to me?
because i get drunk with strangers
someone looks familiar to me
but of my bad luck its the sorrow

tired of any thing that was
tired of anything that is
i told sorrow that i want to go
like every night so drunk

my heart is so empty like always
i wanna cry alone
i return home to see no one is there for me
i see sorrow is following me.

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Sad song! but beautiful! Smile

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