Magic Dance [ Mayikos horos (Μαγικός χορός) ]

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Magic Dance

Don't stop your magic dance,
become the light that will drive me,
Show me further than Earth,
give me some attention
Wind in your hair,
(Don't stop)
I'll become your cloth,
(Wear me)
You'll become sun and rain,
And I, your secret prayer,
Don't stop the breathes in your dreams,
dreaming of me, speaking to me,
And when life stikes strongly,
You'll be my only hope (x2)
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Mayikos horos (Μαγικός χορός)

lyrics-music: Grigoris Klioumis
Το μαγικό χορό σου μη σταματάς,
γίνε μου εσύ το φως που μ’ οδηγάς.
Δείξε μου πέρα από τη γη,
δώσε μου λίγη προσοχή.
Ο αέρας στα μαλλιά σου
(Μη σταματάς )


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